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Candi Prambanan


Candi Prambanan, or Prambanan Temple, is the largest Hindunese temple complex in Indonesia, built around 9th Century A.D. This complex was presented as a gift to Trimurti—the three main gods of Hindunese religion: Brahma as the creation god, Wishnu as the caretaker god, and Siwa as the destroyer god. According to Siwagrha Epigraph, the real name of the complex was Siwagrha, which means the House of Siwa—the importance of the destroyer god can be seen with the 3 meters statue of Siwa Mahadewa built within the main chamber (or the garbagriha) of the temple. The cultural and historical significance of this temple is immense, and a visit to Yogyakarta without a visit to Prambanan just simply cannot be called legitimate!