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As our identity and characteristics of our brand, we have 6 (six) core attributes as core values, brand attributes that to be used represents the essence of our brand, Intiwhiz Hospitality Management. And also the core attributes of Intiwhiz can be found at all of our hotel within Whiz Hotel and Grand Whiz Hotel. 


Easy Access

The strategic location of our hotels provides convenient access to various modes of transportation, as well as to major markets, F&B establishments, lifestyle and entertainment centers

Good Sleep

All rooms are furnished with top quality mattress and linen, in addition to the hotel`s round-the-clock security and reception, to ensure the guests` good sleep

Good Shower

Each room includes a power rain shower with top-quality towels and hygienic toiletries to ensure a good shower.

Info Connectivity

We keep everyone connected with the availability of broadband internet access and multiple TV channels, which are essential for professionals and business travellers.

Stylish & Modern

Every hotel is aesthetically built with modern design to reflect the timeless beauty, a discerning style that creates unmatchable yet affordable comfort of a hospitable stay.

Friendly & Fun

Our dedicated team extends sincere and warm-hearted hospitality to ensure a fun and comfortable stay

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