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Dreamland Beach


Pantai Dreamland or Dreamland Beach is one of the tourist attractions situated at the southern part of Bali Island, in the area called Pecatu. Surrounded by high cliffs and beautiful corals around the perimiters of the beach, the Dreamland Beach is renowned for its shore breaks that can ignite the spirit of the more adventurous souls. This beach is located in the same general area as Bali Pecatu Graha (Kuta Golf Link Resort), and can be reached with only a 30 minutes ride from Kuta Beach. 

Speaking of Kuta, the Dreamland Beach shares various similarities with the world-renowned beach. White sands coupled with steep cliff crevices created a beautiful sight that captivated any eyes looking towards it, and the high cliff walls are perfect for anyone wishing to enjoy the famously gorgeous Bali sunset or those who just want to spectate various surfers enjoying the challenging waves of the beach. In fact, the significant waves of this beach has made it quite a name amongst the surfing enthusiasts all over and has transformed the beach into a favorite new surfing spot to enjoy in Bali.