Jakarta – January 2017

In order to commemorate the 3rd birthday of Whiz Hotel Cikini Jakarta that fell on 28 January 2017, Whiz Hotel Cikini Jakarta conducted a fun social event designed to share happiness with everyone. Different from the previous years when the Hotel usually held its birthdays on orphanages, this year Whiz Hotel Cikini Jakarta invited 25 orphans to share fun and joy together in a fun visit to Seaworld Ancol on 4 February 2017. 

As a complementary element to the various events held for the 3rd birthday of Whiz Hotel Cikini Jakarta we also provided special promotional rates for guests staying from the period of 28 January 2017 with a special price offer of Rp. 333.333,- nett with breakfast and 30% laundry discount included. 

“In our 3rd birthday, we hope that Whiz Hotel Cikini Jakarta can share many happiness with many people. For this year, we held a very special occasion by inviting many less-fortunate orphanage children to enjoy a fun excursion at the Seaworld of Ancol,” said Yuliana Ngadiman as the Hotel Manager of Whiz Hotel Cikini Jakarta.